When meeting your peers sorting glass and plastics at the recycle centre, you feel connected with each other. We all believe in recycling for a better world. Prior the walk to the recycling centre, it feels like a duty. Boring. But afterwards, I fly high on the streets feeling like a superhero! I care about the earth and I’m making it better!

I know for a fact that it isn’t just me who gets these rushes when recycling or doing good. As Joey in Friends puts it “There are no selfless good deeds”. The reason behind the rush of doing good, also called altruism, is explained by our amazing brain. By the way (to be correct) the definition of altruism is actually more about “people caring about other people” but hey, isn’t the planet a kind of friend aka a person? Anyway, there is a phenomenon called “Helpers high” which is the effect produced by our brain when doing good. The brain releases endorphins (feeling of happiness) which explains why I almost flit back from the recycling centre, feeling invincible.

In my opinion, this is a good thing. To be selfish and do stuff only for yourself is natural and human. But knowing that you can get the same rush from recycling your old wardrobe as you get when running a mile is amazing! Doctors are already recommending exercise as a part of recovery for different kinds of health issues, for example depression. And I say – add recycling and good deeds to that recommendation. Call it “Recycle therapy” (patent pending) if you may. There is science that indicates that volunteers live longer than “non-volunteers”, but I think the research in this area is in its embryo so I stop at that note. But that’s just incredible, to live a longer healthier life by helping others (and our beautiful earth) is a real win-win situation.

I have gathered some cool recycling projects to be inspired by for future recycle therapy sessions.

Wow #1 Pistol Lake makes sports wear out of eucalyptus and water bottles. Great way to recycle and it must smell awesome!

Wow #2 Liam – the recycling iPhone robot who dismantles your iPhone into all its different pieces and materials for recycling purposes.

Wow #3 At last, I have to mention H&M world recycle week. You can have a lot of opinions about H&M but creds for making the whole world talk about such an important subject. Looking forward to seeing what the students of Beckmans create for their pop-up store Remake since my awesome creative friend Sara is a part of the project.



Be selfish and save the world!



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