You know when you see the cutest kitten ever and something inside you breaks? It hurts and all you want is to chew its little paws, nibbles its ears and just cry at the same time?

You’re not alone.

Yep. There is a scientific reason why grandma had to pinch your cheek every single time you met as a kid. And maybe why she stopped too…

The more adorable, the more it triggers your dark sides. The phenomenon is named cute aggression. It’s a thing, and it explains so much. Research has shown that aggression is the mind’s natural response when it’s overwhelmed with cuteness. Your mind experiences so much that your body doesn’t know what to do with all the sensations, and therefore it has to find ways to express it. At least that’s how I understand it.

If you think about it, there aren’t really any appropriate ways to let out extremely positive emotions. I mean, when that newborn nephew appears in you palms would you laugh? Scream? Be quiet? No. But what else is there really to do with all the things happening inside you? Cuteness overload indeed.

Maybe this can answer to why it feels so good to crush your bff’s ribs after not seeing him/her for long. Why crying when “too” happy. The body simply needs an outlet. It isn’t rational enough to stay quiet. What a relief, imagine what a boring world we would live in if it was.

Heard about Uber puppies? Collaborating with different animal welfare organisations, together they highlight the huge amount of puppies in need of new owners. Talk about branding! Even though one can debate whether ok to ever use living tiny creatures (<333) in communication.

But still, give me a puppy to cuddle and I’m yours. After crying a bit of course.




You know when all those niche target markets triple down into the world and suddenly everyone is having the same weird green coffee drink and quit using outdated words. Mmm a planners wet dream.

To reach the mainstream evokes the question of the average consumer, is there really such thing? That would imply there’s a short cut past the niche markets straight to mainstreamity. There’s a city in Germany, Haßloch, where apparently the population is considered the average consumer. The town is used as a test market for the entire of Germany. Walk into a supermarket and it’s back to the future, live there if you want to try on an imaginary world.

Quoting my favourite Urban Dictionary; “An average consumer is someone who loves Harry Potter, hates Twilight, prefers Google to Yahoo, and enjoys playing with their socks during church.”

Well, good luck peeps. To succeed at that market is as easy as writing a hit song. But hey, it might be you!

The current discussion about target groups and personas is resulting in us turning to segmentation based on values and preferences in life rather than demographics and age. About time. Classics as newspapers and telly are questions of generations, but as that (they…) fade out the point of age and where you live start lacking in interest. The remaining channels are more based on interests and statements. I’m relieved we finally don’t focus so extremely much on whether only cool kids are allowed to wear that awesome dress or how that fancy prosecco is made for my gay friends only. How movie trailers are depicted differently depending of the colour of the skin of audience just makes me sick.

I believe we’re soon gonna hear about completely new methods of creating personas, and I’m sure one will be from us. Imagine always making personas as cat memes or flavours of ice cream.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 16.10.42.png

Who’s story would you rather listen to?

Yes. Thought so.

Nisch markets are the shit and I’m pretty sure the average consumer is dead, such as the residents of Haßloch’s treats.

By the way, two Olympic weightlifters are from Haßloch. Typically average, right?