Yesterday I went to Local Natives concert in Stockholm. Before their song Fountains of Youth they highlighted its message of feminism, which has reached a literal significance after the US election:

I have waited so long, Mrs President

Matriarchs and Teddy Boys, play in houses on the lake

How can we quit drugs if you’re gonna watch like that?

Give me five good reasons you trust us with our future

That’s an example of how profiles and brands seeing themselves as part of the pop culture take a stand and make sure to spread the word while doing it. It’s time for “neutral” brands to realise that this is their responsibility as well. That they are a part of a culture, whether they like it or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or your product is one traditionally unsexy. Things are happening and corporate citizenship has reached a new level of mandatory.

But that involves people like us, able to influence the distribution of brands’ money, to point out the value they can gain from taking a stand. Of course it can be scary, but there is no other choice any longer. We can’t allow society to continue move backwards.

Let’s finish with some more music. In Sweden the left side is raising its voice. It was well put in a review of Hurula’s gig at Pustervik: “We’re talking about the concert we just witnessed, the Swedish punk and post-punk’s renewed achievement, about paused left hearts suddenly starting to beat again to acts as Hurula, Avantgardet, Staten, Nicole Saboundé and Silvana Imam. Times are interesting and uplifting for music junkies tired of society.”

Go listen.