Omg all these articles about Millennials?! I appreciate the tone starting to switch from lazy and lost souls to “ah that’s why they work like this!”. People are so fast to judge and I don’t get why “they” don’t use their empathetic skills straight from the beginning instead of becoming upset and even angry because of what they believe to know about Millennialls. We’re just humans and if you try to place yourself in our situation you can reach so much more understanding so much quicker.

Although, I couldn’t put it better myself than these guys commenting on Adweek:

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Because at the same time almost everything, ofc because its data <3, it’s so true! Just like Carlo Lopez says in the picture above. And as humans, we love to diagnose ourselves. Discovering reasons that explain and justify our own behaviour and feelings. Travelling to Asia back and fourth a couple of times simply to “find ourselves”.

With so much trouble understanding this giant part of the population, it’s almost like saying you’ll never be able to understand a minority because of the lack of research and data there often is on a smaller group. It’s wrong. What’s most important is being able to step into someone else’s situation, and trying to fully understand what it’s like to be that person. What causes that constant lump in my stomach? Why am I so happy I can’t stop bouncing? Yes, empathy.

A planning myth is that in the States women are believed to be more suitable as planners because it’s in their nature to be empathetic. Haha! I know guys can be stupid, but I also know that every single one can learn. There is hope!! But then again preconceptions like that have to be crushed.

I’d like to believe that the ability to lack empathy is a step towards evil. Even Socrates wrote about it. In short he proposed that it’s the lack of knowledge, and not the human nature, which is the source to evil. Long story short; the lack of insight. And as the Millennial I naturally am I love to be egocentric and use this as a statement to imply that you can’t be a good planner unless you’re a good person. *self-realisation*

So instead of backstabbing each other, see the positive sides and just try (!!) to understand. The world would be a better place then. And Millennials would probably feel better entering your workplace.

Let’s wrap up all my rambling with a tip! One of my favourite personality tests is 16 personalities (www.16personalities.com). Naturally there’re clusters demographic wise, but the data you get for yourself is interesting deluxe. At least if you’re a nerd like me and most of Millennials. Probably something for an astronomy fan too, or what would you say Maja?

Btw, we’re both ENFP’s.