”A great soundtrack can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more.”

Probably nothing new you would say, but when digging into the study* HUI released last Tuesday I found some real treats.

Firstly: The fact that music and sounds rarely exists in today’s design strategies? When thinking about it I find it so obvious that it should but I haven’t included it earlier either. Well – starting now! No more brands left unaccompaniment leaving my table again.

Secondly: People actually care – playing songs that fit the brand including both songs from Spotify’s top list and songs that are less well known takes you way further than, not only random pop songs, but also songs that do fit the brand, but that are from Spotify’s top list and well known.

This highlights the importance of daring to make it even more personal and surprise them with the brand’s strong personality. They don’t have to recognize it from somewhere to be a success.

And a last one – sweets are the category most available to influence by music of them all! + how cute that fries got their own category?

Music mainly activates areas of the brain associated with emotion, motivation, planning & reward. That’s why it is such an effective influencer when it comes to decision makings, but don’t forget that you can use this as a tool in your everyday life too! For me music is the first choice when trying to affect the way I feel. And also, what’s not to love about turning everyday moments into scenes from movies?

What’s your theme song at the moment? I have two: Olof, kära Olof & Die Young


*The study analysed nearly 2 million purchases during 20 weeks across 16 restaurants in Stockholm. You can read the entire study here.