In a world of snaps, pins and likes the craving for ”real things” increases.

Looking at myself, when I get a real postcard my heart flutter, it feels good to know someone went out for a stamp just for me and took the time to write on paper when it could easily be written as a text.

The getting-post-scenario doesn’t happen very often. There might be something in the mail from my parents around Christmas or when a wedding is happening. So to get real things in your mailbox, to touch and feel, you have to do something about it yourself. As the saying is, if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain…

A rising trend is to subscribe to different things. We have the classics such as magazines, newspapers, and nowadays conceptualised food. But there is a new wave of more lifestyle products you can get delivered to you door. Makeup (Glossy Box), short stories (Novellix which I love) and, this is my favourite, Japanese candy! Once a month you get to experience Japan through candy, how brilliant isn’t that!

These services make the coming home from work a little more fun, and it can also help not only us with a craving for things to touch but also people with crazy busy schedules. I have heard about that ”life-puzzle”, but for me, it’s more of a life-game. Every move you make takes you to new places*.


Skärmavbild 2016-06-15 kl. 10.16.09

*thinking of making a move on the original subscription at Japan Crate, excited!