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I love to solve problems, and I also love beers. So when I came over this Danish beer “The problem solver” I was happy as a lark! Based on science research it claims to make you more creative when drinking it. Why? Sometimes we have a hard time letting everything and everyone around us go, which makes it more difficult for us to concentrate on a specific task. But with a sip of a thirst quenching beer makes us more relaxed and, therefore, abler to focus on the task to be solved. However, one can not drink any amount of beer. The creators of the beer have a nice way telling us by marking a line on the bottle on how much you can drink based on gender and weight. Maybe not the beer for a first date but surely when burning the midnight oil at the office.

I assure you that we will see more of this trend, to accomplish a different kind of state of mind and mood by what we eat and drink. Looking forward to more creative outtakes.