Just to revive an old favorite of mine, I give to you: Björn Hammarskjöld! Believe it or not, he’s a former chief doctor of pediatrics, has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and is also a member of some academy in Strömstad consisting of scholars engaged in research, education and information. *blablaba*

Anyway, he wrote a hilarious article in September, debating why the most rational thing to do is to eat meat. And lot’s of it.


I’m not saying everyone has to be a vegetarian (even though people eating less meet would make me kinda super happy), but his discussion consisted of how vegetarians need to eat 18 kg cucumber a day in order to get enough calories, and that they’d probably die for not getting enough nutrition anyway.

And since the cucumber is all a vegetarian will eat, one can tell how extremely foolish it would be to only eat vegan? Yes. He was actually being serious.

Let me give you some of the numbers supporting his thesis:

  • 0,35 kg meat and 0,25 kg butter uses 0,3 of the water from our fields and all the other water can circulate and won’t affect the resources
  • 18 kg cucumber demand artificial fertilizers and both phosphorus and fossil fuel

His end line was: Consequently, being a vegetarian is equally wasteful for both the earth’s resources as well as your own health. As a meat eater you save the resources and receive optimal health.


I’m a firm believer that education is the best tool against social science issues such as racism, anti-feminism and other problems that have their roots in bigotry, or more mildly put – simply never learnt how to reason about such questions and structures.

Therefore people like this scare me, how someone appearing so good on paper can say such stupid, yet in this case soooo funny, things. And it taught me a lesson to not think too much of well-educated peeps. As well as not too little about the one’s that are not.

Note to self: General knowledge no one needs uni for.


Read the article in Swedish here: