The word crazy is defined as a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns (Wikipedia). Today it’s used more lightly such as noting the behavior of a, a) “crazy” girlfriend making demands b) people breaking norms or c) just, “he crazy”.

I recently traveled to New York with Linn. It was my very first visit to NY (if you don’t count the TV-series). It was quite fun, I actually knew stuff about the city than some of the people (friends) who lived there didn’t even recall. The Blue Note, Hello! How are you not familiar with it? I thank SATC, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Seinfeld, Girls, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, How I met your mother and more, for all the New York knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

Anyhow. What I loved most about the city was that crazy people were out in the open and lived free, walking next to me on the streets. No one flinched or frowned when someone appeared abnormal. It was the opposite – welcomed. In Sweden, we can be a little crazy too. Buying a pair of ”fun” sunglasses or grooming a different kind of looking beard. I feel in a lot of situations misplaced. It’s too normal to handle. But I have to admit, the Swedish culture affects even me sometimes and the NY spirit got me wondering who I would be in a more diverse environment. I want the world to be set free from the fear of being judge and letting people do whatever they feel like.

In my business (advertising) I believe you have to be crazy to survive. A normal person won’t endure in the long run. And a normal person won’t change status quo. One of the most famous adverts in history is Apples ”Here’s to the crazy ones – think different” (1997, TBWA/CHIAT/DAY). The ad gets me inspired to let my thoughts and personality free. To not be afraid to stand out the crowd.

People who stand out won’t always be liked, but as Apple puts it, you won’t be ignored. So, embrace your craziness! The world would be a lot more fun if we aren’t all alike. And we would definitely have memorable, fun lives.


Apple, Here’s to the crazy ones – think different