No one has probably missed the rumour that in 10 years all information and media we consume will be video. It was Zuckerberg who first said it at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in February and its following debate declares the end of written content. This is something that kind of freaks me out, because I can all ready miss the written word and feel sad as more and more friends tell me they never read for fun anymore.

Consequently, many of my clients do video content. Then there are two main things occupying my mind. 1. When making one for social media, I find the music part so tricky. Should we add it at all or is it just annoying? If yes, is there any money so we can use some actually good tunes? Of course, the answer varies. For (me) myself (and) I usually watch videos in my feed with the sound completely turned off, as I almost always watch them on the go or at the same time as I have my stroll-to-the-office Spotify list on. 2. Then, when swagging to Sylvan Esso’s “Could I be”, the videos that don’t have copy on them explaining what I’m watching become completely useless. And I become upset. I can read thousand times faster than a person talks and if I’m actually gonna LISTEN to news there better be a copy giving me more information at the same time.

See where I’m aiming? Here the written word is suddenly of absolutely highest importance.

To see if this was more than just egocentric thinking I went into the world of Google. Yesterday I found data on WARC from the company Sharethrought’s research, indicating that 76 percent of us Gen Z:s enjoy watching videos in silence and read a description instead. Also, the headline is what impacts 84% of our mindsets whether to watch an infeed video ad or not.

Finally, I could make a reassuring conclusion and sleep well for the night, as the written word certainly isn’t dead. It’s in fact more essential than ever in order to gain attention and I dare to say it will never disappear from our feeds.